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EXPERTISE: Hedge Funds, Securites, Payments

Prime Brokerage and Hedge Fund Operations

Trade communication, Position Reporting, Margin Calculation, Interest Calculation, Risk Reporting, Corporate Action Support. Portfolio Accounting and Performance Measurement.

Securities Lending

All aspects including front office and operations. EquiLend interfaces. Quotation systems, online integration, billing and accounting, rebate and fee pricing models, auto-borrowing and return processes.

Payments Systems

Depot / Clear interfaces. Message Validation, Auto-Repair, Investigation Systems, Queue presentation, Added value services, SWIFT, FED and CHIPS messaging. Internal integration to customer, account, credit, billing and reporting systems.

Reference Data

Centralized and decentralized approaches, Data Management organizations, SOA services, Reconciliation engines, data feeds including Reuters, Telerate and Bloomberg.


CDS, IRS, Options, SWAP valuation, Equity and Index option valuation. Valuation using SWAP valuation vendors.

Repurchase Agreement Trading

Front office position calculation, clearing system integration, collateral allocation, trade accounting.

Negotiation Platforms

ECN integration, trade entry, trade matching, trade fact comparison services, web front ends, MQ integration and security.

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