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SwarmPoint Strategy Consulting

SwarmPoint LLC helps people run their businesses more effectively. SwarmPoint combines practical experience of operating business processes with a sound base of organizational and technical understanding. This combination causes implementable proactive actions to be proposed and effective structures and systems put in place allowing the organization to meet its goals. ...  |  Learn More »  | 



SwarmPoint's consultancy services server the following industry verticals:

Capital Markets

  • Prime Brokerage
  • Hedge Funds
  • Equity Markets
  • Fixed Income
  • Asset Management


  • Securities lending
  • Order management
  • Execution systems
  • Swaps and other derivatives
  • Client reporting
  • Payment systems
  • Cash management
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PROJECT TYPES: Strategy, Performance and Change


  • Strategy Review
  • Roadmaps
  • Product Strategy
  • Strategy Workshops


  • Business process mapping and metrics
  • Business intelligence and dashboards
  • Project management and audits
  • System documentation and assessment


  • Transition Planning
    • Acquisition and restructuring,
    • Legacy replacement,
    • Vendor reselection
  • Outsourcing assessment and governance
  • Proposals which quantify business benefits
  • Enterprise vendor or major system selection
  • Due dilligence for acquisition or investment
  • Business process integration
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Business Process Management (BPM) through Process Mapping is a management technique which looks at business activities as a series of processes handling items of work. In understanding business activities as a series of processes it becomes possible to ...  |  Learn More »  | 


A balanced coding philosophy needs to be able to create great products which delight end customers as well as realizing that innovations during the design and development process can lead to unanticipated user benefits. The aim is to facilitate communication to achieve the common goal and deliver the best possible product. ...  |  Learn More »  | 


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