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SPECIALIZATIONS: Securities Lending, Payments

Experience in the following niche specializations is also part of our offering

SWIFT Messaging

Implementation of engines and interfaces around a series of settlement and cash related SWIFT messages for a broad range of financial processes. Implementations can be provided across a range of platforms or implemented a fresh for specific projects.


The universal business language (UBL) is a standard to allow integration across businesses of standard business order placing, fulfillment and accounting functions. Mandated by a number of governments and supported by standard ERP solutions it provides the core services for general industrial business process integration.


A rich XML format for the communication of SWAP trades for execution, valuation, settlement and reporting. Knowledge of this protocol is key to the integration of many derivative processes. FIX protocol based processes can similarly be implemented where needed.

EquiLend Integration

Extensive in house knowledge of the EquiLend platform (The leading Securities Lending platform) allows us to advice, design or implement EquiLend integration or related development projects.

Document Barcoding

The incorporation of barcode technologies into form based process steps and the integration of fax readable barcode formats into business processes is something for which we can offer proprietary solutions which, where manual steps are required, can be a significant time saver.

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