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SwarmPoint LLC helps people run their businesses more effectively. SwarmPoint combines practical experience of business processes with a sound base of organizational and technical understanding. This combination causes implementable proactive actions to be proposed and effective structures and systems put in place allowing the organization to meet its goals. Our industry knowledge allows us to identify trends and advise your business through the changes that it is exposed to. We can help you achieve strategies that meet your goals, optimize business performance and manage change with on site teams driven by your specific needs with our knowledge of the business and technical landscape that lies ahead.

Our business process methodology allows us to work with stakeholders to understand the organizations current goals and work with operational managers to refine the understanding of processes as well as the metrics which assist the business in being viewed in ways that express the organizations goals while allowing weight for the operational constraints of the business. By doing this with a knowledgeable business, management and technical team we can assess the benefits of possible changes in organization, process or system investment and quantify the related options.

During times of change we can define the business processes affected at an appropriate level of detail and plan for the transitions that will occur in terms of their organizational, data, system and staff impact. We provide estimation using a range of methods and disciplines in the team to estimate organizational delays, related data and system projects, training and produce an integrated roadmap to allow the change to move forward on schedule and without jeopardizing the business operation.

Our staff are experienced professionals with financial services and management consulting backgrounds. We take great pride in providing thought leadership that you can trust.

We focus primarily on Prime Brokers, Hedge Fund Services, Financing and Due Diligence as industry verticals and also offer experience in business process management across other fields.

We are based in New York and the Tri-State Area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut though half of our engagements are outside of this area including the West Coast of the USA, Europe and India.

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