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Key Principles

  • Exercise professional skill and judgment to the best of your ability

  • Discharge professional responsibilities with integrity

  • Act with fairness and integrity toward all.

Our Staff

  • Take all reasonable steps to maintain and develop professional competence by attention to new developments relevant to their field of professional activity and encourage persons working under their supervision to do so

  • Will not undertake responsibility which they do not believe themselves competent to discharge

  • When called upon to give an opinion in a professional capacity shall, to the best of their ability, give an opinion that is objective and reliable

  • Will safeguard the public interest including taking all reasonable steps to avoid waste of natural resources, damage of the environment, and wasteful damage or destruction of the products of human skill and industry

  • Will not improperly disclose any information concerning the business of a client, their employer or any past employer

  • Will not recklessly or maliciously injure or attempt to injure, whether directly or indirectly, the professional reputation, prospects or business of another.

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+1 (646) 402-6500
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