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How can you tell what is really happening to your financial services business?

There are many factors which prevent you from receiving an effectively quantified view of your business:
  • Staff not understanding which metrics are needed
  • Not having identified and defined the processes that you need to measure
  • Having separate system implementations, including legacy systems, which obscure a holistic view of the business process
  • Manual workflows which aren't being tracked
  • Inconsistent practices between different groups in the business process
  • Not having a common understanding between managers of the goals of the processes
  • Not having identified the services which drive meaningful customer benefit
  • Data which is not available on a timely basis or requires manually collation

To spot changes in your business you need to have the right metrics defined showing what is important for your business and your customers.

Having the right management information allows you to assess options, quantify benefits or assess the impact of changes. This puts you in a better position to manage changes due to economic factors, staffing changes or changes in customer behaviour.

Can you tell if your current business processes are adequately supporting your business before they break? Poor metrics leave you waiting to see if fires break out.

Would an assessment by independent consultants be better accepted and assist in establishing the case for investment?

Would an experienced consulting team provide fresh, impartial, insights into your business process and metrics?

Do you need extra management cycles to provide a roadmap for business or system changes?

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